Zeus vs Thor. Epic Rap Battles of History

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O Núcleo de Estudos sobre Cooperação e Conflitos Internacionais (NECCINT) da Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto em parceria com as Faculdades Milton Campos, sob a coordenação do professor Luiz Albuquerque, criou o Observatório de Relações Internacionais para servir como banco de dados e plataforma de pesquisas sobre relações internacionais e direito internacional . O site alimenta nosso trabalho de análise de conjunturas, instrumentaliza nossas pesquisas acadêmicas e disponibiliza material para capacitação profissional. Mas, além de nos servir como ferramenta de trabalho, este site também contribui para a democratização da informação e a promoção do debate acadêmico via internet.

Uma resposta em “Zeus vs Thor. Epic Rap Battles of History

  1. This is probably the most interesting video about Greek mythology I have ever seen. It is extremely rich in details the compilation the producers made, such as the characters, the music production and the animation itself.
    Analyzing the theory presented on the animation, it is about the most basic mythological knowledge a person can receive when studying the subject. To begin with, the animation shows some figures such as Thor, Zeus, Poseidon and Medusa, which gives an idea of how enormous and rich the greek mythology is. At first, Zeus starts arguing about how his immortal throne could be challenged by someone inferior in comparison to him. And then, based on this the rap battle continues with Thor arguing back giving more fuel to this animation.
    Another point that is worth mentioning is how Zeus is described by Thor some seconds before the video gets 1 minute. He says Zeus was abusive, his “crew” ruled over the Greek keeping humans afraid of the figure of the “father of the Gods”.
    At some point of the video, Zeus calls himself as the father of philosophy and defends that he created the bedrock of democracy. It is also mentioned the knowledge they used to have concerning astronomy.
    Creating a connection between the rap battle with the contemporary philosopher Marilena Chaui on her book “Convite à Filosofia”, it is possible to mention the concepts cosmogony and theogony. Both are related to some creation. The first expresses the idea of the world’s creation by some divine force (mother and father). The second is about the God’s birth from the parents and ancestors.
    To sum up, the animation is totally worth watching because it rescues a very important topic that reaches many different subjects of study. The way it is conducted is contemporary and very well done.

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