WTO chairpersons for 2015

The WTO General Council, on 20 February 2015, noted the consensus on a slate of names of chairpersons for WTO bodies.

General Council H.E. Mr. Fernando DE MATEO (Mexico)
Dispute Settlement Body H.E. Mr Harald NEPLE (Norway)
Trade Policy Review Body H.E. Mr Atanas Atanassov PAPARIZOV (Bulgaria)
Council for Trade in Goods H.E. Mr Héctor CASANUEVA (Chile)
Council for Trade in Services H.E. Mr. Martin EYJÓLFSSON (Iceland)
Council for TRIPS H.E. Mr. Abdolazeez AL-OTAIBI (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Committee on Trade and Development H.E. Mr Bassirou SENE (Senegal)
Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions H.E. Mr Bertrand de CROMBRUGGHE de PICQUENDAELE (Belgium)
Committee on Budget, Finance

and  Administration

H.E. Mr. Daniel BLOCKERT (Sweden)
Committee on Trade and Environment Ms Irene B.K. YOUNG (Hong Kong, China)
Committee on Regional Trade Agreements H.E. Mr Francisco PIREZ (Uruguay)(Ad interim)
Working Group on Trade, Debt and Finance H.E. Mr Xavier CARIM (South Africa)
Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology H.E. Mr Luc-Joseph OKIO  (Congo)

The General Council also agreed on the appointment of the following chair of the bodies under the Trade Negotiations Committee:

Committee on Trade and Development, Special Session H. E. Ms TAN Yee Woan (Singapore)

The chairpersons of negotiating bodies are to serve until the next Session of the Ministerial Conference.

Note: H.E. Mr Esteban CONEJOS (Philippines) continues as chair of Preparatory Committee on Trade Facilitation.

Fonte: https://www.wto.org/english/news_e/pres15_e/pr737_e.htm

Matheus Luiz Puppe Magalhães


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